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Stay Healthy by Avoiding Bacteria at the Airport and on Airplanes


You’ve saved, planned and anticipated your big holiday, but don’t be exposed to germs unnecessarily once you get to the airport or on the plane.  Use LTD’s information to help reduce your risk of exposure to nasty germs, like the flu, MRSA, E. coli, and others.  None of us want to NEED that travel insurance that we bought

Recently published a study looking at the concentration of bacteria that grew from various surfaces at the airport.  It might surprise you that the greatest concentration of bacteria wasn’t in the bathroom, but at the check-in kiosk.  LTD recommends that airlines begin cleaning these screens more often, and provide more hand sanitizer stations at the check-in area.

One of the typical Bacteria found at airports and on airplanes

The concentrations of bacteria were as follows in descending order with #1 being the greatest:

1.  The check-in kiosk
2.  The airline gate bench armrests
3.  The water fountain button

The check in kiosk was over 10 times greater than home levels of bacteria which are greatest at the kitchen sink faucet, and over 100 times greater than a toilet seat!

It’s no surprise that bacteria concentrations are high on airplane toilet flush handles

Airplane surfaces were studied previously and here is the list greatest bacteria locations in descending order:

1.  Airplane bathroom flush handle
2.  Tray table
3.  Seatbelt buckles

Tray tables and seatbelt buckles made the list of highest bacteria counts on an airplane

The self check-in kiosk had almost 3 times as much bacteria as the airplane bathroom flush handle!

What can you do?

1. Carry hand sanitizer!  It is not just for your protection but for everyone else’s protection!
2. Wash your hands in every bathroom, not just the airplane bathroom!
3. Don’t touch your face when traveling (wear a face mask if you can’t remember).
4. Carry disinfecting wipes for surfaces in airports, airplanes, rental cars, cruise cabins, hotels and buses.  TGD recommends this product but use them as directed!

Make Meaningful and Healthy Travel Happen!

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