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The Best Way to Keep Your Face From Looking Like a Clown When you Travel!


“Does my face look like a clown?”

“Do I look like my 3 year old put on my eyeliner?”

“Oh no! My lipstick looks like my 90 year old Grandmother’s always did…”

If you’ve ever said these things, maybe you should invest in a GOOD magnifying mirror for travel.

Sure many hotel rooms have them, but usually these only magnify a little. PLUS, I don’t know about you, but they are never strong enough for my aging eyes! Or what if the room just doesn’t have one? I can only lean in so close to the mirrors and now I am too close to see! Oh the joys of getting older.

One of my staples for travel and home is a good magnification mirror! I am comfortable with a 10X magnification. The first time I looked in a 10X I screamed, “Yikes, that is really scary!” But gosh, now I can’t do without it.

Key Features to look for when buying a travel magnifying mirror:

1. Portability. You can’t afford to have a mirror break in your luggage. It is not only a mess, but a safety hazard. The clam shell options reduce this risk substantially.

2. Size. A mirror should be large enough to easily view but not so large to take up your entire suitcase. Remember, when a smaller mirror has a higher magnification your area of visibility is smaller and you must get closer!

3. Flexibility. A travel mirror should have a magnifying side and a regular side so that you can see the back of your hair when traveling.

4. Magnification. At least 8-10x is the best for seeing small things like a stray eyebrow hair, something in your eye or a putting on false eyelashes. Again the higher the magnification, the smaller the viewing area and the nearer you need to be!

5. Clarity. This is so important! Many mirrors claim magnification, but they are foggy and distorted when you look in them! What good is that?

6. Positioning. If you can find a mirror that stands up on its own, you can do so much more with two hands! Like pull your lid tight to put on eyeliner for example. I am pretty skilled at holding a mirror with one hand and putting in my makeup, but I am not a contortionist and I have my limit!

7. Light. Though not 100% necessary, this is very helpful in some locations. Personally I prefer daylight when available but that is always possible. Remember if your mirror is lighted, don’t leave it on and drain the batteries!

There are many mirrors out there everywhere you look, but the best options really are online! Make sure you order from a vendor who packs well and avoids breakage in route, and has excellent customer service to address any problems you may encounter.

I have bought countless magnifying mirrors and found Floxite brand to be the best all around in regard to clarity, magnification, lighting, and size of mirrors.

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