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Athleisure Essentials Continue to Be Trendy For Travel in the New Year 2019


Happy 2019 everyone!

How many of you have listed getting healthier as one of your resolutions?  How many of you are committed to staying healthy when you travel?  Or do you just want to be comfortable when you travel?  You are not alone!  Fortunately, Athleisure styles continue to be trendy for travel in 2019!

Sometimes Hollywood icons inspire us or maybe it was just someone who looked stylish and comfortable be-bopping around the airport who made you consider your next travel attire!


Athleisure Essentials Continue to Be Trendy For Travel in the New Year 2019

Look great and be comfortable when traveling!

Here are some recommendations for our favorite Athleisure Essentials for 2019!

Made of quality material, Niyama Tribal Maori Yoga Pant for Women are a best selling design.  Stars like Jennifer Lopez have been seen wearing Niyama Yoga Pants on many occasions!  Why?  The material and designs are top notch and will keep your shape held in place but looking great when you are dashing to catch your connection at the airport!  Then when you are sitting for that long flight, keep your legs compressed to minimize swelling, all the while remaining comfortable!

A padded sports bra is one of the most comfortable items for a long plane ride in coach or first class.  It will move with you for whatever position you need to rest on the plane and will not bother you like some bras when you need to sling a bag over your shoulder or put a backpack on to keep your hands free!  Our recommendation is the FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra which are padded and seamless.  This four pack is a great deal at Amazon!


A soft jacket is cozy for long travel, but it is nice to have something that stays on when you need it to (unlike a wrap) but is easily removed when the dash between gates or the summer heat makes you uncomfortably warm when traveling!  We love PrAna clothes for traveling and the Hadley Jacket is one of our cozy favorites.  The price is reasonable for PrAna clothes too!


 Sometimes you want just a little extra covering when wearing yoga pants.  Some travelers opt for a high-waisted style of yoga pants.  Then if the bags you are carrying make your shirt or jacket ride up, those pants have you covered!  We love the X-Fit Sports Women High Waisted Yoga Pants at Amazon because of the many great styles, patterns and colors available!


Under your great jacket wear a top that makes a statement about yourself and shows off those great arms you have gained by your healthy lifestyle and lugging all of those bags at the airport!  Or maybe you just need something that is sleeveless to keep you cool for those uncomfortably warm moments when traveling.  SHAPE activewear Women’s Physique Hi Lo Tank Top is comfortable but allows you to express your inner self!

We have all felt gross after a long day of traveling and just don’t see a shower in our near future!  Bring refreshing and great smelling wipes to keep fresh!  We love the Bliss Lemon & Sage body wipes for many reasons!  They are:

  • Plant-Based
  • Aluminum Free
  • Natural Deodorant
  • All Skin Types
  • Paraben Free

Oh, and did we mention they smell great?!

 Lastly SHOES!  Oh so many to choose from but we are going to make a recommendation that goes well with the black and white theme of this post!  The best option to wear with you athleisure outfit is a great pair of running shoes, but you should have something that is flexible and comfortable for those long flights.  Our recommendation is the Nike Free RN Flynit running shoe.  There are many color options available and if you need them to be easily removable, add a pair of stretch laces to your purchase.


 Make Meaningful and Healthy Travel Happen! 

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