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Affordable Cycling Attire for Home or your Next Cycling Adventure! Why Spend a Fortune?


Cycling gear can be costly but it is important to use the right clothing to be comfortable and healthy when cycling!

Some of TGD’s staff went on a cycling vacation with the potential for INTENSE sun exposure in the Sonoran Arizona desert.  Luckily we were able to find good sunscreen and cycling gear that covered us well and all for a great price.

Where else besides your local bike store would you find cycling gear?  Of course Amazon.

Women’s tops:


Santic Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey is a great color, visible to cyclists and looks great in photos.  We especially like the elastic gripping bottom and sleeves to keep wind out and your top from riding up.

Click Photo to Buy Santic Women’s Jersey at Amazon

Paladin Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey is lightweight and just gorgeous. Other colors are available.  So many compliments and questions:  “I love that cycling top!  Where did you get it?”  If they only knew the price!


Click Photo to Buy Paladin Cycling Jersey at Amazon

Women’s Cycling Pants

For the warm weather and sun cycling capris are the best to keep your thighs from burning and staying cool.  Baleaf has a great pair of capris with excellent padding, UPF 50+ and a high waist.  Oh, and did I say the price is great?

Click the Photo to Buy Baleaf Cycling Capris at Amazon


Men’s Long Sleeve Summer Cycling Jersey

Santic Makes a long sleeve jersey in great colors for the hot weather with breathable fabric and a full zip to vent if you wish wile riding.  Perfect to keep the sun exposure low.

Click Photo to Buy Santic Men’s Jersey at Amazon

Men’s Cycling Pants

Sponeed makes a great pair of lightweight men’s cycling pants to keep the sun exposure down.  They are not meant to be thermal but compressive.

Click Photo to Buy Men’s Long Summer Cycling Pants at Amazon


Arm Sleeves

If you insist on wearing short sleeve jerseys, always remember that arm sleeves can be used to keep sun exposure lower!  This is a great pair by Tough Outdoors!

Click Photo to Buy Arm Sleeves at Amazon

Or get sleeves that cover your hands too!


Click Photo to Buy Sleeves at Amazon

Head Coverage

Remember that your Head Needs Coverage too because cycling helmets are vented and sun gets through to burn your scalp!  A scull cap, buff or bandana works great!

Click Photo to Buy UPF Scull Cap at Amazon

Click Photo to Buy Bandanas at Amazon


Click Photo to Buy Full Headbands At Amazon

Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

A great sunscreen to use for cycling that won’t ruin your clothing.  Our favorite is Banana Boat UPF 50.

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 Make Meaningful and Healthy Travel Happen!  


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