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ChafeX Anti-Chafe & Blister Skin Cream

This is new a new product that scientifically ends blistering and great item to have in your bag for those active vacations!

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  • ChafeX is New Technology that forms exclusive MicroLayers when applied, sort of like onion layers, that peel off instead of your skin abrading
  • Unlike lubes that simply sit on top of skin, ChafeX temporarily, and safely, bonds to your skin to prevent chafing and blistering
  • Over 70% of serious athletes that responded said: “Best Product I ever used” and one tube can easily last 6-9 months
  • Excellent for preventing skin irritations from clothes, shoes, water, sand, and devices, including monitors and even Cpap Machines
  • Doctor Recommended, Fragrance and Gluten free, not tested on animals and won’t stain clothes


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