Osprey Unisex Ozone Duplex 60

A perfect hybrid bag for adventure travel.

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Two packs in one, the Duplex combines a 38-liter duffel with a 22-liter daypack. The former clips to the outside of the latter, so you can wear them as a single unit while dashing through the airport to catch your connecting flight. The pack’s contents are still accessible with the duffel attached, through a back-panel opening. The duffel also has a see-through ID-tag slot, should you decide to check it, but it also meets carry-on size restrictions (only when detached from the pack portion). Internal straps cinch down over your clothes to keep them in place. Meanwhile the backpack is great for long hikes, but the hefty, padded straps and long, wide profile can be overkill for casual commuter use or walks through town.


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