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Suit Garment Bag By Baglane – Military Travel Duffel Bag

Baglane’s innovative garment and duffel bag combination is designed for service members and business travelers alike, providing an easy-to-carry option to keep clothes wrinkle free.

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Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you already know flying with a suit can be a hassle. First, you went to your local dry cleaner and got your suit pristine. Second, you carefully put the suit in your bag to avoid creating any creases. Now, by the time you arrive at your destination, your suit is rolled up, wrinkled, or worse forcing you to spend valuable time at the hotel, ironing away.

Upgrade to Baglane’s Suit Duffle Bag, and take the stress out of travel. This innovative luggage solution easily converts from duffle to garment bag in a flash, zipping open to reveal a full size, traditional garment bag.

Key Benefits to the Baglane Suit Duffle Bag

  • Comfortably hold 1 – 2 suits with the 37″ x 24″ compartment.
  • Arrive at the hotel with freshly pressed clothing using the adjustable, anti-wrinkle bars.
  • Store ties, belts, and socks within the inner zip pockets.
  • Carry shoes, toiletries, or other accessories with the spacious middle compartment.
  • Avoid water damage + wear and tear with the water-resistant, durable 600 Denier Polyester.
  • Store boarding passes, passports, and tablets with the quick-access exterior pockets.
  • Conveniently hang your suit with the built-in hook.


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